Targets For USPSA Training

Targets For USPSA Training

BAM Airsoft, providing competition style airsoft targets for USPSA training.


There are certain times and situations where target practice can be a great thing. However, it can also be dangerous if you are practicing true self-defense with real weapons. No one wants to take a chance on losing their life while practicing up on how to defend themselves, especially not those people who are in the military or our policemen and women. For that reason, Airsoft weapons were invented. They are lifelike weapons that are not deadly to use. They are designed to help you practice your aim and improve your accuracy. For that reason, there are a variety of guns, ammunition, and power options available for you to choose from.

What Are Airsoft Pistols?

Airsoft pistols are basically weapon replicas and they are designed to be used in airsoft sports and training exercises. They generally use BBs as bullets so that they are not as deadly as a bullet would be. Most all BBs are made of plastic, but you can also find biodegradable pellets.

Airsoft GunsInside the airsoft gun, you will find an internal air chamber that is pressurized. When a
fuel such as Green Gas or the battery/electric power kicks in, and the trigger is pulled, the BB will be pushed out of the barrel, mimicking a real pistol or gun. The BBs will come out with enough force to strike a target, but they do not penetrate through the target in most cases, even in close quarter battles.

Things to Consider before Buying

Airsoft guns are legal to own in most states. However, you should consult with your local law enforcement team to find out what restrictions may be in place. These guns are not considered weapons, but they cannot be purchased by you if you are under 18. In many areas, as long as your child does not buy it, they can use it, but it is best to find out for sure before you allow your child access to it.

Some guns are designed for target shooting while others are designed more for tactile practice. Either one will be beneficial in improving your aim, but you need to make sure that the air gun you are considering will be able to do what you want for it to do.

Use Your Airsoft Gun Safely

Even though these guns are safe in most cases, you still need to practice safety first when it comes to using it. This also means that you should also teach children how to use it responsibly, which means that they should only hit targets and not animals, people, or other things. Other things for you to keep in mind when using your airsoft includes:

  • Airsoft GogglesEye Protection. Even though airsoft guns are not able to penetrate skin or target
    areas, they can still damage your eyes if you do not take proper precautions. You are dealing with BBs that are being pushed from a pistol.
  • Use At Your Own Risk. If you fail to understand how to properly use your airsoft gun, you should not consider using it. Whether you are target shooting or reenacting battles, you should always practice safety and avoid using it for anything that it is not intended for.
  • Keep Your Distance. Many airsoft guns are designed to be used in somewhat close quarters. However, if you are with a group of people, taking a shot when that person is only a couple feet from you could cause them to become injured. The idea between airsoft is to ensure that everyone is safe.
  • Be Mindful of Your Surroundings. When using BBs, you must keep in mind that anything they hit may be damaged. This means you could easily damage walls, windows, or other property. Therefore it is very important that you are aware of everything around yourself and your target so that you do not damage personal property.



Accessorizing your Airsoft Gun with the Right Tools

airsoft war gamesWhen you have a new airsoft gun, you will need certain accessories to make it function properly. This includes gas containers, BBs, and batteries. However, did you know that you can add other accessories to it as well? These other things make your airsoft function better than ever. Are you ready to start accessorizing your airsoft gun with the right tools?

Popular Tool Choices

One of the best accessories for any type of gun is the scope. By adding a scope, your aim will become more accurate than ever before. You will be able to see your target area more clearly. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you need to have a scope that is designed for this type of gun. If you enjoy engaging in battles, you may also want to have a camera on your gun or your helmet. This will enable you to watch the battle repeatedly. It will allow you to see mistakes that you may have made or help you in other ways.

Other Accessory Types that People Choose

airsoft accessoriesYou can add an extra stock to your gun. Some people upgrade their trigger or add a better grip to their handle. There are really a lot of options when it comes to an airsoft. There are foregrips, extra magazines, extra batteries and quick chargers. Then there are lubrications, practice targets, speed loaders, and gear for you to wear to protect yourself from others. Some people carry a backpack of things that may need during a battle. Others may carry a holster for their weapon and a pocket full of tools. Either way, if you have enough accessories, you can change your weapon to meet any specific needs you may have during a battle.
According to most people, the best accessory for their air gun is an AR 15 multi tool. They choose these because they have all the tools that you could need and it all fits in a pocket. Many multi tools like Leatherman, have a stock wrench, a barrel nut, a compensator, tension wrenches, a castle nut tool, and even a stock tube. Other tools like these, may have needlenose pliers, knives and saws, picks, screwdrivers. Many people like the pliers, screwdrivers, and knives best because of the fact that they can do so much more. They can remove carbon with ease and enable you to make field repairs without carrying a backpack full of supplies. These tools also have other tools to help you work specifically with the AR 15 and other weapons.

Choose the Right Tools for the Job

The tools that you will need to carry along on your outing will depend on what type of things you plan to be doing. In a battle, you may want to carry your trusty weapon and some grenades. You may want to take along tools to perform on the spot repairs or those that will enable you to change your entire weapon. The trick is for you to make sure you are prepared whether you are target shooting or playing war games.

Zeroing In Your Rifle

The airsoft rifle is used by many people in war games or target practicing. Therefore, much the same as a traditional rifle, it too must be accurate in the way that it shoots. Your sights must be able to zero in on a given target if you want it to hit the right area. Do you know how to make this happen? Many people wonder if zeroing in your rifle is different because of it not being a real gun. If you are curious about it or feel that your rifle does not aim as true as you want, you should keep reading to find out if your rifle sight may be off.

Is Zeroing the Same with Both Rifle Types?

airsoft zeroing targetOne thing you have to keep in mind when using an airsoft rifle is that no gun will shoot the same way every time that you fire, especially if you are aiming at a target that is more than 40 meters. Therefore, since most of us want accuracy at distances, you will need to put in the effort to get it all as accurate as possible. This also means being prepared to spend some time and some ammo on getting it right. To start, you will want to set up your target and aim for the center. See where the bullet lands and see if it consistently lands in that general area. Your goal will be to get clusters of bullets in the same general area and then you can adjust it so that you are closer to the center of the target where you want to be.

Are Air Soft Sights Accurate?

airsoft sightIf you are using an air soft sight, then it will be accurate. You should never use a regular rifle scope on an airsoft because the two guns will fire in a different way. The shocks are different and may mess up the regular sight. The only downside to a sight for the airsoft rifle is that it can only be as accurate as the rifle. If you have a sight that doesn’t seem to be working right and you have tried to zero it; it may mean that your rifle needs to be looked at. Sometimes, it may need an adjustment that goes beyond the sights. A great resource on the different types of scopes is Here you’ll see how each scope has a different function and this is no different with air soft rifles.

Is One More Accurate Than Others?

airsoft electric rifleWhen looking at an airsoft gun, you have three main choices. Spring powered, gas powered, and electric. If you want accuracy, you will most likely want to consider the electric powered. They are also more powerful than the other two types. However, they will need to recharge every eight hours, at most. This is a reason why some people prefer the other types of air rifles. The gas is powerful and does not require you to recharge, but it does not have the accuracy you may want when attempting to tag other people with it. The thing is, it mostly depends on the type of shooting you want to do, and even if you choose an electric rifle for the accuracy, as batteries wear down you may lose some of the consistency.

Maintaining You Air Soft Gun

Many people prefer using Airsoft guns because they are legal for use in cities and ensure you do not have to go to the range to target practice. They are available in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a rifle or a pistol. They promise to be usable for many years to come whether you are playing war games or simply target practicing. However, to reach the full multi-year potential; you will have to take the time to care for it properly. This means maintaining your air soft gun the same way you would maintain your bullet shooting weapon.

airsoft gun disassembledWhy Clean Your Airsoft?

Admittedly, the guns are not like standard weapons. You do not have to worry about soot building up inside of them, but this does not mean you are free to skip cleaning them. The gun barrel should be cleaned pretty much every time that you use it to ensure that no buildup starts to form in it. The smaller, internal workings do not require a lot of cleaning typically, but at times you may also want to clean them to ensure that it will fire when you need it to.

Cleaners to Use on Air Powered Gunsairsoft cleaning brushes

You should never use chemicals on this type of pistol. Unless you have severely neglected cleaning it, chemicals are unnecessary. Most people recommend using only
soap, water, and silicone. For any specifics beyond that; you will need to consult with the manufacturer. This is especially true if you have been given an air powered rifle and the previous owner neglected cleaning it. The manufacturer may tell you what needs to be done to clean it properly and get it back where it needs to be so that you can maintain it more regularly.

airsoft lubricantSteps to Cleaning

The barrel will need to be cleaned most often. You should first turn your hop up and remove it. From there, you will need a cleaning rod and a patch. You will want to put a tiny bit of silicone spray on the patch. Move the patch and rod back and forth inside the barrel. Using another patch that is dry; you will want to wipe inside the slit. With other clean cloths, you will have to keep working at the barrel until all residue has been removed from it.

The inside should be cleaned every six months, especially if you use it often. To clean the inner workings of it, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some say that you should not do it and instead have a professional take it apart; others tell you step-by-step how to take it apart and clean it yourself. As a general rule, though, you will need to take the gun apart by dropping the magazine and then pulling the slide back so that you can hit the disassemble switch.  Others may require you to use an AR 15 multi tool. Once inside, you will clean it using paper towels, cloths, toothbrushes and other things to remove all dirt, dust, and buildup. Apply the new lubricant to moving parts and put it together again.

Do You Have the Right Airsoft Gear?

airsoft rifle with scope

airsoft rifle with scopeAir rifles and pistols are a great way to increase your accuracy. This, in turn, also enables you to hunt more accurately and protect your home or family if the need arises. The best thing about it though is the fact that people no longer have to travel to a target range or venture many miles out into the woods to practice up and increase their aim. You can go target shooting in your backyard or practice self-defense with a group of friends. You can also use it to reenact and play out war games so that you can make certain that if a bad situation comes up; you are prepared for it. All it takes is having the right gear and you may be surprised by all that you can achieve. Do you have the right airsoft gear?

air rifle scopePracticing Your Airsoft Accuracy

One reason that many people are choosing Airsoft weapons is the fact that they are similar to a real weapon without the risk of personal injury. They weigh about the same as a real weapon. They feel the same in your hand, fire the same, and more. The only difference is that they may sting their target, but there is very little risk of it actually penetrating skin. Therefore, you can use airsoft weapons anywhere. You can practice your long-range target shooting accuracy using an air rifle scope or practice your ability to point and shoot in a rapid-fire situation. In this case, most people also want to know that their air rifle scope is as close to their normal scope as possible, but it is not recommended that you use a regular rifle scope on an airgun. This means you have to choose wisely.

Choosing Your Air Gun Scope

Choosing an air rifle scope is almost as difficult as choosing one for your actual gun. There are a lot of scopes and air rifle scope mounts to choose from. Most all have air gun mountfeatures that make them more or less perfect for any given situation. They are able to magnify a target and put you on the same visual plane of it to give you pinpointed accuracy while holding up against the vibration and recoil that only an air rifle can produce. If you have an air rifle that recoils hard, you will want to stick with a single piece mount to ensure it stays true in all situations. You may also consider a fixed air scope that doesn’t have a lot of pieces inside of it that will constantly need adjusting.

From there, you will also want to choose whether you have a high mount or a medium mount. This is most often based on the size of the objective lens you have for it. The scope tube size should be the same as the scope mount. You should also think about the fact that it does not always benefit you to try saving money when buying scope mounts. Cutting corners may mean that you sacrifice quality. When you are aiming to increase accuracy and the realism, quality counts.

  • ZERO in your Aim!