Targets For USPSA Training

Targets For USPSA Training

A New Way to Wheel Around Tournaments

airsoft tournamentAirsoft guns are a great way to reenact gun fights and wars. It is a safe way to take aim at other people without having to worry about causing them pain or injury, but ensures that your able to stay sharp, with your aim true. For this reason, there are many airsoft tournaments held around the world throughout each year and you can get from one area to another using a new way to wheel around tournaments if you are a spectator who enjoys excitement.

Airsoft Tournaments

airsoft warsAn airsoft tournament is a reenactment of war type situations. Some of them are hosted in arenas where players battle it out while hiding behind man-made obstacles. In other areas, the players will be outdoors hiding behind trees, rocks, buildings, or other things that give natural cover as they would find it in a “war zone”. When in the great outdoors, players are able to spread out over a mile or more and spectators can stand anywhere outside of the action to watch the games play out. Some of these fields can spread out over multiple playing fields as well. From there, players are divided up into teams and the winner is called when one team has the most players still standing.

The rules for the game will vary based on the field that you are playing in. Some basics include take shots that you are dealt and take them fairly, avoid aiming for another person’s head, and if you are within 10ft of someone; do not take the shot and instead shout “bang” to avoid hurting the other player. Some war zones may have other rules about not climbing trees or digging holes in the arena area, but most rules are to ensure that everyone plays safe and has a great time.

Watching the Games Play Out

airsoft wooded arenaFamilies come out to watch the action and may spend a lot of time moving around the parameter of the playing field to try and watch their favorite player as they move from one area to another. This enables them to be there to support the team they want to win, but also makes for a long day since their entire day will be spent walking. To make things easier on themselves when visiting tournaments that cover several playing fields and more than 65 acres of land, many spectators are trying out new ways to move around. If you are a frequent visitor to airsoft tournaments, you may also want to consider looking for a motorized wheel on this site. Scooters, hoverboards, and many other options are available.

Will You Watch?

Paintball guns, airsoft guns, and other types of games enable players to battle it out on the field. They can hone their skills and attempt to come out ahead in a game of war. You can be there to support your favorite team and players. Just be sure that you bring comfort items for yourself since you should be prepared to spend a fair amount of time walking around the game play zone. These things may include bug repellents, sunblock, snacks, drinks, and anything else that can make your day easier.

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