Targets For USPSA Training

Targets For USPSA Training

Maintaining You Air Soft Gun

Many people prefer using Airsoft guns because they are legal for use in cities and ensure you do not have to go to the range to target practice. They are available in all shapes and sizes. You can choose a rifle or a pistol. They promise to be usable for many years to come whether you are playing war games or simply target practicing. However, to reach the full multi-year potential; you will have to take the time to care for it properly. This means maintaining your air soft gun the same way you would maintain your bullet shooting weapon.

airsoft gun disassembledWhy Clean Your Airsoft?

Admittedly, the guns are not like standard weapons. You do not have to worry about soot building up inside of them, but this does not mean you are free to skip cleaning them. The gun barrel should be cleaned pretty much every time that you use it to ensure that no buildup starts to form in it. The smaller, internal workings do not require a lot of cleaning typically, but at times you may also want to clean them to ensure that it will fire when you need it to.

Cleaners to Use on Air Powered Gunsairsoft cleaning brushes

You should never use chemicals on this type of pistol. Unless you have severely neglected cleaning it, chemicals are unnecessary. Most people recommend using only
soap, water, and silicone. For any specifics beyond that; you will need to consult with the manufacturer. This is especially true if you have been given an air powered rifle and the previous owner neglected cleaning it. The manufacturer may tell you what needs to be done to clean it properly and get it back where it needs to be so that you can maintain it more regularly.

airsoft lubricantSteps to Cleaning

The barrel will need to be cleaned most often. You should first turn your hop up and remove it. From there, you will need a cleaning rod and a patch. You will want to put a tiny bit of silicone spray on the patch. Move the patch and rod back and forth inside the barrel. Using another patch that is dry; you will want to wipe inside the slit. With other clean cloths, you will have to keep working at the barrel until all residue has been removed from it.

The inside should be cleaned every six months, especially if you use it often. To clean the inner workings of it, you will need to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some say that you should not do it and instead have a professional take it apart; others tell you step-by-step how to take it apart and clean it yourself. As a general rule, though, you will need to take the gun apart by dropping the magazine and then pulling the slide back so that you can hit the disassemble switch.  Others may require you to use an AR 15 multi tool. Once inside, you will clean it using paper towels, cloths, toothbrushes and other things to remove all dirt, dust, and buildup. Apply the new lubricant to moving parts and put it together again.

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