Targets For USPSA Training

Targets For USPSA Training


Anytime that you handle a weapon, you are taking a chance on serious injury if you do not know how to use it properly. It is for that reason that airsoft guns became popular. They are realistic weapons that shoot plastic or steel pellets. Their aim is true if you know how to handle them, but they do not potentially cause massive injury if something goes wrong. For this reason, they are used by many for military and police scenario training exercising. This is also why there are a variety of products available to help you learn to use weapons effectively.

Airsoft Pendulum TargetBAM Airsoft Targets

With BAM, you will discover a variety of targets to use when practicing how to aim your airsoft weapons. Each one type will give you a better chance at aiming true so that when it truly matters, you will be effective at hitting your target area. There are also sets available for you to consider if you want to set up multiple gaming areas within your practice area.

The BAM Steel Challenge set includes 13 unique targets that enable you to set up eight steel challenge stages. There is also a Pendulum that hangs from its frame to give you movement from your target. This stand measures in at roughly 3-feet wide and 4-
feet tall.

There are also a variety of falling plates, plate racks, stop plates, and static plates available. This enables you to practice using a variety of targets to ensure that your aim is always accurate. These plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are metric shaped plates, popper shaped, colt shaped, and even round-shaped plates for you to consider and take advantage of. If you want, you can also purchase sets of these plates so that you can have several people practicing at one time.

Other BAM Products

By choosing BAM, you also have variety. You can purchase a target stand for your falling plates, a tarp clip so that you can make your own airsoft target stands, and inlet elbows to give you maximum flexibility when creating your own backstop or props. There is also the BAM star if you want to practice using a star. It moves just like a real one and is the first star available for airsoft training exercises. The target stand for it is approximately 3’ x 4’.

Why Choose BAM Airsoft?Airsoft Target

BAM creates affordable practice targets for all Airsoft weapons. Many of them are not available in stores or anywhere else on the internet. We provide the information that you need to get started practicing in a safe and enjoyable way. Whether you are target practicing for military exercises or trying to fight bad guys as a police officer, the more accurate your aim is; the better you will be. It is also usable by people who simply want to know that if their family is presented with a bad situation, you know that you have the ability to protect your family, regardless of what the situation calls for.