Targets For USPSA Training

Targets For USPSA Training

Zeroing In Your Rifle

The airsoft rifle is used by many people in war games or target practicing. Therefore, much the same as a traditional rifle, it too must be accurate in the way that it shoots. Your sights must be able to zero in on a given target if you want it to hit the right area. Do you know how to make this happen? Many people wonder if zeroing in your rifle is different because of it not being a real gun. If you are curious about it or feel that your rifle does not aim as true as you want, you should keep reading to find out if your rifle sight may be off.

Is Zeroing the Same with Both Rifle Types?

airsoft zeroing targetOne thing you have to keep in mind when using an airsoft rifle is that no gun will shoot the same way every time that you fire, especially if you are aiming at a target that is more than 40 meters. Therefore, since most of us want accuracy at distances, you will need to put in the effort to get it all as accurate as possible. This also means being prepared to spend some time and some ammo on getting it right. To start, you will want to set up your target and aim for the center. See where the bullet lands and see if it consistently lands in that general area. Your goal will be to get clusters of bullets in the same general area and then you can adjust it so that you are closer to the center of the target where you want to be.

Are Air Soft Sights Accurate?

airsoft sightIf you are using an air soft sight, then it will be accurate. You should never use a regular rifle scope on an airsoft because the two guns will fire in a different way. The shocks are different and may mess up the regular sight. The only downside to a sight for the airsoft rifle is that it can only be as accurate as the rifle. If you have a sight that doesn’t seem to be working right and you have tried to zero it; it may mean that your rifle needs to be looked at. Sometimes, it may need an adjustment that goes beyond the sights. A great resource on the different types of scopes is Here you’ll see how each scope has a different function and this is no different with air soft rifles.

Is One More Accurate Than Others?

airsoft electric rifleWhen looking at an airsoft gun, you have three main choices. Spring powered, gas powered, and electric. If you want accuracy, you will most likely want to consider the electric powered. They are also more powerful than the other two types. However, they will need to recharge every eight hours, at most. This is a reason why some people prefer the other types of air rifles. The gas is powerful and does not require you to recharge, but it does not have the accuracy you may want when attempting to tag other people with it. The thing is, it mostly depends on the type of shooting you want to do, and even if you choose an electric rifle for the accuracy, as batteries wear down you may lose some of the consistency.

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